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Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre

About us

Following a public meeting in Neuadd y Ddraig Goch in 2013 it was decided to launch a Dre-fach Felindre Social History Project to be called Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre. A committee was established under the chairmanship of Stephen Jones, Y Garth, Felindre. Read more about the birth of the project here.

The original intention was to collect all aspects of the history of the area during the 20th century and publish it in a book but it was soon realised that this would restrict the volume of material which could be included. Therefore the obvious solution, in this technological and digital age, was to place all the contributions on the worldwide web and with the co-operation of the National Library of Wales it was arranged for the material to be included on the Library’s extensive website, People’s Collection Wales.

Previous Work

Daniel Jones, Teifi Mills, Llandysul wrote the winning essay on the history of the area in the Dre-fach Felindre Eisteddfod, August 16, 1897. This work, Hanes Plwyfi Llangeler a Phenboyr, was published by J D Lewis, Gomerian Press, Llandysul, the third book published by the press, in 1899. It is a detailed history of the parishes of Llangeler and Penboyr to the end of the 19th century. However, very little has been published on local social history in the 20th century apart from books on the wool industry.

Photograph of the memorial to Daniel Jones in the National Wool Museum

The Plan

The Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre committee set about planning how to record the history of the area under different categories so that it would be easy to surf the web to see whatever is of interest, be it a chapel or carnival or football. Work to add to the original collection will continue in the future and the websites will be monitored regularly.

National Wool Museum Logo

The National Wool Museum

The committee is extremely grateful to the National Wool Museum, which is situated in the old Cambrian Mills in the village, for its continuing support and co-operation. Exhibitions of historical aspects of the life of the village will be held there. An exhibition on Local Eisteddfodau has been held already as well as an exhibition on Local Sporting Activities. Artefacts, books, maps and all kinds of historical material regarding the area will be kept in a section of the museum.

The Mural

One of the first decisions of the Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre committee was to commission the famous artists Meirion and Aneurin Jones, Cardigan, to paint a large mural reflecting the history of both villages. The original mural, as well as the book Hanes Plwyfi Llangeler a Phenboyr, are displayed permanently in the National Wool Museum. The committee arranged for suitably sized framed copies of the mural to be sold to those interested. Read more about the Mural here.

murlun gan Meirion ac Aneurin Jones
photo of memorial to Nel Fach y Bwcs: house is Camwy

Nel Fach y Bwcs

In the village on Saturday, 4th July 2015, the committee arranged a celebration of the life of Ellen Jones, Graigwen, Alltpen-rhiw who returned with her father from Patagonia to live in Camwy in the village of Felindre in 1901. A blue plaque to commemorate the occasion of her return was unveiled on the house wall. The romantic and excruciating life of Nel Fach y Bwcs has been recorded in the book O Drelew i Dre-fach as well as in television programmes. 

Launching the Website

The Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre website – was launched on Saturday, 29th October 2016 in the National Wool Museum when the museum was celebrating 40 years since being established in the village. All news and events regarding the project will appear on this website and it will act as a gateway to all the materials stored on the National Library of Wales website, People’s Collection Wales. It will be possible to access the material through this website by choosing one or more of the categories listed below and transferring directly to the relevant section in People’s Collection Wales. The material can also be accessed by searching directly in People’s Collection Wales.

Launching this work is a very important step in the history of the area. The committee intends to continue to plan for the future gathering more information and material to be exhibited on the web or to be placed for safekeeping in the museum. The intention is to prepare more exhibitions and anybody who wishes to add to the collection is welcomed to do so.

The intention of Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre is to preserve all the rich local history so that it will be readily available for future generations.


Chairman: Cllr Ken Howell
Secretary: Mrs Eleri Samson - Contact Form
Treasurer: Mrs Delyth Evans
Members: Mr Eifion Davies, Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths, Dr Carol James, Mr Richard Jones, Mr Stephen Jones, Mrs Lesley Parker, Mr Dilwyn Smith, Mrs Ann Whittall